You don’t have to navigate trip planning alone

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place

  • Feeling like you’re making decisions in the dark by yourself 

  • Going through a travel agency and not knowing the breakdown of what you’re booking

  • Wondering if you have all the logistics down or if you’re in for a surprise once you arrive

  • Seeing just the touristy places
  • Getting scammed by how things look online vs. real life
  • Feeling like you’re putting all the puzzle pieces together on your own with no personal guidance

  • Pre-Travel anxiety

What Makes Mazepa Travel Special

I help curious travelers avoid making decisions in the dark by using my extensive, first-hand expertise to build curated, authentic trips.

Focus on Authentic Experiences

My goal is to truly understand your travel style so that you can have an itinerary filled with local experiences that enrich your understanding of the destination and create memories. After all, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Love hiking? Perhaps I can arrange for a hike in the High Atlas Mountains where you can challenge yourself physically, admire a part of the country that not many people see and meet some of the local Berber people and experience their culture.

10 Years of Luxury Travel Industry Expertise

I have over a decade of experience in the Luxury Travel Industry. I have worked all around the world from China to the Dead Sea to Boston for brands like Mandarin Oriental, Kempinski and Audley Travel.

This extensive experience has taught me to be meticulous when inspecting hotel properties and discussing travel with my clients. 

Guided Travel Planning Process with an Insider

There is no end of available information online for travelers. The difficult part is narrowing the options down and making the right decision for you when you don’t have first experience in the destination.

This is why I aim to make the planning process as straightforward as possible. You’ll be able to consult with an expert who has first hand experience in the destination. That way, you can get an itinerary and recommendations based on what YOU want to do, from someone who has either traveled extensively or lived there.

Curated, Boutique Accommodations

As a fervid hotel aficionado, I started out my travel career in the hospitality industry and continue to pay close attention to properties. While opting for more boutique and local accommodations, I want to make sure that my travelers don’t have to compromise on the comforts that they’re used to. Each property has been hand selected and many have been personally inspected by myself so that I can match you to the perfect hotel for your stay.

Services for EVERY Budget

Because everyone deserves expert guidance

Guides and Resources
  • FREE City Guides for Lisbon, Madrid and Marrakech
  • Self-book detailed itineraries featuring recommendations, restaurant, hotel, leisure and excursion suggestions that you can then use to book things yourself. 
  • Collections of my favorite properties all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
Consultation Call
  • Book a 30-minute consultation call where I can review what you’ve booked so far, make sure the logistics align and make suggestions and recommendations.
Book It Yourself
  • Get a custom itinerary featuring hotels, restaurants, leisure activity suggestions, excursions, day by day walk through, pricing breakdown and so much more that you can then use to book your perfect trip!
Done For You
  • This is my bread and butter! I’ve been putting together bespoke itineraries to Spain, Portugal and Morocco since 2016. 
  • Work with me 1:1 to get a custom itinerary and let me take care of making the bookings for you

Hi! I’m Talia☀️ 

I’ve helped over 285 travelers experience Spain, Portugal and Morocco
I spent 3.5 years living in and traveling around Spain, Portugal and Morocco to find the most enriching, authentic experiences. 
I’ve spent 5 years in the luxury hotel industry working with brands such as Starwood, Mandarin Oriental and Kempinski to truly understand the meaning of hospitality. 

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