My goal is to help you have the most memorable time in Spain, Portugal and Morocco no matter what your budget is.

As someone that has spent 10 years in the luxury travel industry, and has sent of 285 travelers to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, I understand how exciting, frustrating and EXPENSIVE travel planning can be. 

I’m not here to gate keep! I want to help you have an amazing time whether it’s me planning your trip or you doing it yourself. 

Services for EVERY Budget

Because everyone deserves expert guidance

Guides and Resources
  • FREE City Guides for Lisbon, Madrid and Marrakech
  • Self-book detailed itineraries featuring recommendations, restaurant, hotel, leisure and excursion suggestions that you can then use to book things yourself. 
  • Collections of my favorite properties all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
Consultation Call
  • Book a 30-minute consultation call where I can review what you’ve booked so far, make sure the logistics align and make suggestions and recommendations.
Book It Yourself
  • Get a custom itinerary featuring hotels, restaurants, leisure activity suggestions, excursions, day by day walk through, pricing breakdown and so much more that you can then use to book your perfect trip!
Done For You
  • This is my bread and butter! I’ve been putting together bespoke itineraries to Spain, Portugal and Morocco since 2016. 
  • Work with me 1:1 to get a custom itinerary and let me take care of making the bookings for you

But Talia… I just have one question!

I got you! Hop on a quick 15-minute call with me

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to
Common Questions

What is a Bespoke Trip?

A bespoke trip means that I book all the “in-country” logistics for you. This can mean different things depending on your travel style or budget. 

Some clients prefer a “white glove” experience where you have a private driver and everything is taken care of you. 

Some clients clients prefer to splurge on a really special experience or hotel and prefer to use the rest of their budget on being guided on which train to take and where it’s better to use an Uber or have a small group excursion. 

I meet you where you are with your budget and travel style. 

Do you book flights?

I can – but  I specialize in the on-the-ground experiences (like accommodations, activities and local transfers).

I can provide suggestions for local and international flights, however many of my clients choose to book their own airfare.

How do you get paid?

It was important to me to make things as transparent and fair as possible. 

I hate package pricing, markups and not knowing what somethings costs. I also don’t like when travel agents turn away from beautiful boutique hotels and authentic experiences because those don’t pay them commission. 

I get my income from low-cost guides I offer, 1:1 consultation, itinerary and bespoke services, and commissions from certain hotels, operators and affiliate partners. 

Why do you charge a fee for a consultation call?

In our consultation call, we will discuss your specific needs and I will give you guidance based on my experience living in, traveling around in and sending over 275 travelers to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. 

As much as I’d love to, I can’t spend each day answering traveler’s individual questions on private calls. I have to charge for my time and I want to do so in a way that’s accessible to most. 

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