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Why I am passionate about Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Each of the countries is seeped in layers of history and culture that you get to peel back as you explore. Spain, Portugal and Morocco have all undergone conquests by the Phoenicians, Romans as well as rule under Christian and Muslim empires.

You can sense this history all throughout, from the Roman ruins in Barcelona to the cuisine of Andalusia (Al Andalus) and the Algarve (Al-Gharb) where dishes like Cataplana and Paella can trace their origins back to muslim rule.

Even though each country has its own distinct identity, we love to see travelers see this diversity of landscapes, architecture, food and people as they explore the cultural melting pot that is Spain, Portugal and Morocco.


Historically, Spain has always been made up of different regions and kingdoms. From the Basque to Catalonia to Andalucia, each region has it’s own unique landscape, cuisine and accent. 

This means that you can keep coming back to Spain every year, and still have something new to discover.

How many days do I need to see Spain? 6-15

When is the best tine to visit Morocco? All year round! But, best during Spring and Autumn

Here are some of my favorite experiences:

  • Going to a local, boutique winery in the Penedes to sample cava and have a picnic overlooking the mountains. 
  • Watch some of the best Flamenco dancers in the world perform in Seville. 
  • Learn the rich history and meaning behind Moorish architectural design in the Alhambra in Granada. 


Because I currently live in Lisbon, Portugal is near and dear to my heart. Rich in coastline, it makes the perfect setting for leisurely or adventurous holidays filled with fresh food and local, good wine.

How many days do I need to see Portugal? 6-15

When is the best tine to visit Portugal? All year round! (Be mindful of high amount of travelers in the summer, especially August)

Here are some of my favorite experiences:

  • Going on a food tour in the Algarve where you can visit the markets, meet the fishermen and try out the freshest seafood
  • Attending a cooking class in the Alentejo where you can pick the ingredients from the garden and use locally sourced wine and olive oil in the recipes. 
  • Take a hike in the Douro Valley overlooking the 2,000 year old, terraced vineyards. Visit your spa afterwards for a vino-therapy treatment. 


Morocco is perfectly situated at the crossroads of European, African and Arab empires. It has had thousands of years to absorb cultures, ideas and flavors through trade and war. 

The diversity of Moroccan landscape is mesmerizing. From the windy Atlantic coastline, to bustling medinas, snow-covered mountains and hot, endless deserts. 

How many days do I need to see Morocco? 5-15

When is the best tine to visit Morocco? Spring and Autumn (be mindful of Ramadan and Eid holidays)

Here are some of my favorite experiences:

  • Having a hammam treatment in the grandiose La Sultana Spa in Marrakech. 
  • Attending a cooking class in a family riad in Fez where you can make bread from scratch and take it to the local bakery to bake. 
  • Hike in the High Atlas Mountains and stop by a Berber village to meet the locals for tea. The Berbers are the original inhabitants of Morocco. 
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