Mazepa Travel vs Expedia vs a Travel Agent 

Planning a vacation can go from exciting to daunting very quickly. Once you start researching and realize there are so many options out there, you quickly get decision fatigue. Before choosing the details of your trip like hotels and tours, deciding how to book your vacation will be your most important decision. 

Whether it’s a fun impromptu vacation or an important life event like a honeymoon or a big birthday, how and who you book with has a great impact on the quality of experience you have. You want this decision to reflect your travel style, experience, budget, and most importantly memories that you can’t place value on. 

Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations in Lagos, Portugal

Located on the stunning Algarve coast, Lagos is a picturesque town that boasts an abundance of delicious dining options. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking to have a bite after a hike, there’s a place for you in Lagos. Here are some of my top restaurant and bar recommendations to guide you through the flavors of this beautiful coastal town.

Airbnb vs Boutique Hotels: Which option is right for me?

Before I moved to Portugal, I was visiting the country for work. I was traveling all around, inspecting hotels, vineyards and restaurants. One of these visit impacted me in a way that ultimately  solidified  my decision to move here.  

One afternoon, after an already full morning, I drove out to a family-owned vineyard. Feeling hot and tired, I was instantly mesmerized by the landscape. It felt like I jumped through a portal and found myself in Tuscany with its rolling hills speckled with olive trees and white houses. 

How to stay safe when traveling in Europe 

Your friends suggest a summer trip to Spain and Portugal, amazing right? You’re already thinking about the tapas, the art, the cathedrals and glasses of great wine. It sounds like an incredible time and yet you can’t help but think – is it safe to travel to Europe? 

Top 10 Restaurant Recommendations in Porto

About 3 hours north of Lisbon (by train and bus) lays Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. Just like Lisbon, it has been inhabited since before Roman times. Unlike Lisbon, it wasn’t decimated during the Earthquake of 1755, allowing Porto to thrive while Lisbon rebuilt.

Here are some of my favorite restaurant recommendations.

Top 10 Restaurant and Bar Recommendations in Lisbon

As someone who’s had the pleasure of living in Lisbon this past year, I know that the city is never lacking in restaurant options. Although most establishments are small, the diversity of cuisine and the quality of ingredients make Lisbon a top foodie destination.

What is included in the cost of my trip?

Planning a trip is much more than the sum of its parts.The selection of accommodations, tours, transportation, expert knowledge and support come together to create a trip of a lifetime and one of the most important investments you can make. 

With so many moving parts it can be hard to keep track of what is included in a tour and what expenses you will have while traveling. So, before making your travel plans or choosing who to work with, you will need to find out what is offered and what you will pay for on the ground. 

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